Fritz Orthodontics

Architecture and interior design for an orthodontics practice located in Holly Springs, NC. 

Today’s healthcare environments are striving to serve as a “third place”- not only a medical practice, but a merger of multiple activities that fosters connectivity and inclusiveness. The client’s goals were to create a welcoming space for patients, families, and community members to feel connected. Often, typical medical spaces create unfavorable emotional connections, so instead we provided a space focused on patient experience. The interior is open, flexible, and appealing to teenagers, while not offending adults. The architecture of the building creates a high-volume ceiling, and transparent spaces to allow visibility and flexibility for a number of different events. They required a lobby that could also serve as an open space for speaking events and yoga nights, so easily movable furniture was key.  Wood ceiling baffles in a radial pattern create a focal point, bring the scale of the space down and draw the patients to reception. The client also desired areas for younger kids, including a custom kid-sized gaming table. A laptop bar was created to support working parents and their technology. The “hearth” brings the exterior materials into the space, and created a space to display patient photography. Patient flow was important- clustering the administrative functions in the center allowed a circular path into and out of the treatment bay while keeping the staff close at all times. Custom millwork including an instrument pass-through cabinet and provider touchdowns at the sterilization center maximizes efficiency.  Material selections integrate bright color accents without losing appeal to more mature patients.