Rob Cramer

Rob Cramer



Bachelor of Architecture
Drexel University
Raised in PA, I studied at Drexel University in Philadelphia while working full-time for a mid-size architecture firm in the area. My wife and I fell in love with NC after visiting, and moved down as soon as we could after graduation. I have been blessed with a variety of experience on projects of many types and sizes. And I’m always hungry for the next challenge!

As architects and designers, we quite literally shape the world in which we live. The truth that every project has an impact on the world beyond itself is a reality that I recognize that as a tremendous responsibility. At the end of each project, I aim to be able to confidently say the world is better than it was before, even if just a little bit.

On my desk you will always find an inspiring quote or two.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my wife and keeping up with my boys.
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