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Adriane Field Senior Interior Designer

Adriane Field, NCIDQ, WELL AP, Assoc. AIA

Senior Interior Designer


Bachelor of Science, Interior Architecture
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

My career as an interior designer has evolved alongside my pursuit of life and love, as I relocated to many beautiful parts of the country.   After college, I began as a young design professional in D.C., followed a boy to Palm Beach, and eventually settled in California’s wine country and started a family.  I had no idea I would stay there for almost a decade, where I was able to gain the technical experience to advance my career.  Since relocating back to NC, I have had several experiences which have renewed my passion for focusing on healthcare interior design. 

On my desk you will always find a photo of my son.

I’m surprisingly good at identifying the make of a vehicle, at night, just by the shape of the headlights.

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Gabrielle Schiltz Designer

Gabrielle Schiltz



Rising Fifth Year

Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Landscape Architecture


Pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture at NCSU College of Design, I have a passion for storytelling through the built environment and creating impactful human experiences through design. I look to integrate nature and biophilic attributes into my designs, which has influenced my decision to also pursue a minor in Landscape Architecture.

The most inspiring part of my job is diving into different aspects and stages of a range of projects. I love switching up what I am working on!  You will always find a deck of cards and origami paper on my desk or in my bag.

My most memorable travel experience was “skiing” (more like falling and sliding) down the slopes of BIG’s Copenhill in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Dillon Patel Designer

Dillon Patel



Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture (BEDA) and Bachelor of Architecture at North Carolina State University.

While I am still in college studying to obtain my bachelor’s degree in architecture, I have worked for 2 local architecture firms, most recently 310ai.  I am a Raleigh native.  The most inspiring part of my job is coming to the office and being able to help out where and when I can.

A typical day for me is coming into the office, meeting with my summer course group, going to the gym, reading, and heading to bed!  This March, I completed my first marathon, which I had postponed for multiple years following the pandemic. 

When I’m not at work, I’m happiest when I’m reading!

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Heather Oyler Administrative Coordinator

Heather Oyler

Administrative Coordinator

Credentials:  Notary Public

My career has varied in administration from Office Management, Bookkeeping, Finance Management, HR, Executive Assistant and I have loved every moment of the variations as it has enabled me to learn and grow in all aspects of Business Administration.  The most inspiring part of my job is being able to learn while incorporating my skills to grow and support.

A typical day for me is making sure there are no fires that need to be put out, and when there are, working to ensure that if I am able, I extinguish them before they grow into another person’s purview.

My go-to potluck dish is chili.

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Isaac Mullen Project Designer

Isaac Mullen

Project Designer


Bachelor of Arts: Architecture 

Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Design in Architecture

North Carolina State University

An NCSU grad, I strive to bring fresh insight to the burgeoning field of BIM, its integration with architecture and a focus on healthcare and community-based projects. One goal is to elevate the user experience through well-crafted spaces, while bridging the gap from interior layout to the exterior landscape.

I enjoy disc golf, volleyball, and architectural competitions in my spare time.